Cosmetic MD Serisilk Skin Smoothing Cleanser

Cosmetic MD Serisilk Skin Smoothing Cleanser


Cosmetic MD Anti-Aging Serisilk Skin Smoothing Cleanser is a complete renovation of how traditional cleansers work, designed specifically for the face. Conventional cleansers depend on abrasive friction to remove dirt, dead cells and make-up. Ultimately the skin adapts, like a callus on the hands of a heavy laborer, by increasing dead cell production, worsening the appearance, increasing break-outs and leaving skin looking aged and tired.

Cosmetic MD Serisilk Skin Smoothing Cleanser utilizes an exclusive organic protein, Sericin silk, to gently remove dirt, grime and dead skin cells without stripping away natural emollients and oils. Skin’s pH balance remains intact, replenishing moisture only where it’s needed. Naturally derived compounds prepare the pores for application of ingredients applied directly after cleansing. It also reduces excess oil while exfoliating skin in a non-abrasive manner. Healthier, younger-looking skin is revealed.

Developed by Dr. Justin Piasecki for Cosmetic MD.

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WHAT TO EXPECT: Use for a minimum of one month. With regular use, over a short period of time, the skin’s surface is renewed, in its naturally pure form and can attain an improved smoothness and suppleness.

TO USE: Morning and night, massage a dime-sized amount over dampened face. Wait 10 seconds to allow formulation to activate. Rinse well and pat dry. For best results follow with a scientifically formulated Cosmetic MD moisturizing product.

Occasionally, sensitive skin can experience temporary dryness/redness in the first week of use. If this occurs, for one week, reduce time on the face from 10 seconds to three seconds, and decrease frequency of use to only once daily. Gradually build up to twice a day if skin permits.

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